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Retailer of fresh locally roasted coffee from Mystic, CT.

Not All Coffee Tastes the Same

Like wines, coffees from different growing regions taste uniquely different. The light sweet taste of a Rhine wine is a world apart from a dry, hardy French Bordeau. In the same way, the wake me up snap of a Kenya AA is distinctly different from the deep, full bodied taste of a Yemen Mocha. We at Green Marble Coffee offer coffees from all over the world.


Freshness is Everything

After coffee beans are roasted, they enjoy a 4 to 6 week period of freshness. Stale beans look just like fresh beans, but they lack the flavor and aroma so cherished by coffee lovers. When you buy coffee from a super market, there's no way to tell how long the roasted beans have been sitting on the shelf; it could be just a few days or a few months. At Green Marble Coffee we select the finest arabica coffee beans from the premier coffee growing regions in the world. We roast the coffee to order using a unique hot air convection process to heighten flavor. Order Green Marble Coffee and you'll never risk buying stale coffee again.


Roasting brings out the flavor and aroma of coffee. Beans are roasted to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the temperature, the darker the roast. There are 5 basic roasts: 

Light Roasts:  The lightest, sometimes called "cinnamon", tastes more like grain then coffee, with a weak flavor.

American Roasts: A slightly darker roast and is the roast used by most national vacuum can coffee brands.

Full City Roasts:  Most coffee lovers believe full city roast brings out the maximum flavor and aroma. The beans are roasted to a rich brown color, and some oil may show on the surface of the bean. Green Marble Coffee roasts all beans to a full city roast, unless otherwise specified.

Dark Roasts:  There are two dark roasts, French and Italian. French roast is a dark brown color, with an oily surface. Italian Roast is almost black. Both roasts produce a cup with no hint of acid, and a very smooth, dark, smokey taste. Espresso and Cappuccino are made using dark roasted coffee.